Your Custom Home

In 3 Steps

Each Paragon home is unique and designed to the homeowner’s needs. Once you have entered into an agreement with Paragon Homes, each Homeowner will have the opportunity to create their own personalized custom home by following our Signature Selection program; these are a series of meetings with our expert team members.

Step 1

Design Approval

You will meet with the Principal of Paragon to start the design of your home. We will listen to your needs and lifestyle and will formulate a design criteria that will be sent to our award winning Architect. Our Architect will prepare a preliminary design for your approval. Once approved, the Architect will prepare a final floorplan design and a proposed elevation. This process will repeat until you are 100% satisfied with the Home Design. Once the design is approved, the Architect will prepare the construction drawings for permit.

Step 1 takes approximately 3 months and concludes with a complete set of Construction Drawings and Submittal of those drawings to the City for permits.

Step 2


This is when excitement kicks in full gear. After completing your structural and architectural selections, you will meet with Brenda Weiss, MS. Brenda is an independent award winner Professional Interior Designer that has been retained by Paragon Homes at no expense to you, to assist you in selecting all your interior finishes. Brenda specializes in luxury custom homes. This process starts 2 to 3 weeks after Step 1 is completed, and it usually takes a few meetings with Brenda to finalize your Step 2. This is where you will select all of your interior finishes as well as any upgrades or options. There are many selections and options to choose from including plumbing fixtures, cabinet, flooring, appliances, quartz/granite tops, stairs, just to name a few.

Step 3

Home Delivery

Once you complete Step 1, the permit is issued and our guidelines are followed. Because of our experience, reputation, dedication and efficiency we will deliver your Home in less than a year.

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